Is Your Foundation Off-Kilter?

Restore it with house leveling services in the Lott & Temple, TX area

You see your house from the outside and you're certain that your eyes are deceiving you. Your house looks slightly tilted, like a framed photograph that has been nudged slightly.

Your home might be tilted by its foundation. If your foundation isn't level anymore, you can fix it with the house leveling services of Foundation Leveling & General Construction in Lott & Temple, TX or the vicinity. We serve people within 50 miles of our base. Call 254-654-8822 to schedule a free estimate from a friendly professional today.

What will Foundation Leveling & General Construction do for you?

When you contact one of our professionals, we'll plan house leveling services. We'll take all the details of your property into account to decide exactly how we'll repair or lift your foundation.

We will:

  • Service a whole pier and beam foundation
  • Perform individual beam repairs
  • Service a slab foundation
  • Provide subfloor support

Consult us to find out more about anything from foundation lifts to beam repairs.