Are You Ready to Make Your Rooms New Again?

A crew based in Lott & Temple, TX will refresh your spaces with interior remodeling services

Look around your home. Is something missing? Do your surroundings no longer reflect your style?

It's time for a change. At Foundation Leveling & General Construction in Lott & Temple, TX, we know precisely how to transform your spaces with interior remodeling services.

We renovate and remodel homes in our city, as well as...

  • Waco
  • Temple
  • Killeen
  • Bartlett

...and other areas within 50 miles of our Lott, TX base. Call 254-654-8822 to inquire about interior remodeling and renovating services in your area today.

Find out how we'll update your home

We'll complete anything from a simple kitchen renovation that consists of painting walls and changing light switches to a drastic remodel that involves an overhaul of each room and an addition of a new room. Consult us to plan your whole-home renovation, basement remodel, bathroom renovation or kitchen renovation right away.